Most big retail companies offer repair services. The problem with this is most of the time you get technicians that don't know what they are doing and are told to push sales, meaning they are to sell you software or hardware and really don't fix the real problem you're having with your computer.

Deborah's PC Solutions is a service provider and not in the retail business. If we have to sell you a part or software it's at our cost. We are reasonably priced and provide quality customer service.

Deborah Soares, the owner, has over 20 years experience in both hardware and software. After becoming unemployed, Deborah decided to start her own business and expand her knowledge. Her goal is to teach users to overcome their fears and learn. Deborah's PC Solutions understands the "personal trust" given by the customer and respects that "trust".

Our service area covers Elk Grove to Modesto and Brentwood to Valley Springs. Call us today @ 209.478.3662



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